Last September, the anonymous literary group I’m a member of, Literate Sunday, was profiled by the New York Times. As an addendum, they could choose one original work to feature alongside the story—and they chose mine, Like Mother Used To Make. At the time, it was exactly what I needed to kickstart my fiction after a stagnant summer and get going on the stories that would eventually become my grad school portfolio, which I’ll be continuing to hone and expand at the New School this fall.

A lot has changed since then, and while it’s only a few pages I’ll always be proud of this little piece for getting me in the place of confidence to take on a writing career for real.

likemotherusedtomake copy

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we gave a party for the gods and the gods all cameIn the latest incarnation of CR Fashion Book, Dance, much improved from the slightly disjointed first issue, there is this lovely little piece of graphic art by John Giorno. Across the spread is his poem “It Doesn’t Get Better,” which is rarely transcribed but is, for once, here, because Carine is a wonderful person. I wish it was a little bigger, but layout constraints prevent image enlargement (damn you, minimalist theme!) so you’ll have to squint a little. It’s worth it.

it doesnt get better john giorno