corn salsaOne night I had friends over for a few snacks and a lot of wine, and my girl Maddy brought me a jar of this adorable Corn Salsa from Shady Acres in upstate NY. (Nabbed from a specialty food store in New York run by my ex-boyfriend, but that’s another story…)

Given that I’m kind of a salsa queen, I was skeptical—it looked too watery and not tomato-y enough to truly be called a salsa. But it completely blew me away! It’s not a salsa in the chips-and-dip sense—more like a relish. So when I polished off the jar soon after, I decided to keep it and make my own based via the ingredients list on the back.

Anyone who knows me knows I’m not one for neat cooking or following recipes well—I eyeball, and rarely write things down. But this wasn’t hard to figure out—just chop, mix, add a dose of heat, and jar. Viola! Rough estimates FTW. This recipe makes one delightful jar’s worth to save for winter…or devour now. Whatever.

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