Mickie Meinhardt I’m Mickie.

I’m a writer—fiction, non-fiction, rants, raves, recipes, and more.
Also a weekly newsletter, The Interwebs Weekly,
and copywriting, which is what pays the bills in my Brooklyn apt.

This is my blog of personal writings, cultural reflections, and other stimulating bits.
For my professional clips, copywriting portfolio, and other information, see my website.

I am very into Instagram.
I tweet, too, but less frequently than I should.


What’s a cool bean?

Urban Dictionary defines Cool Beans as an adjective originating from the late ’70s/early ’80s, “used to describe something very favorable or pleasing. Great. Very nice,” and also “a synonym to cool, sweet, awesome, splendid, amazing, delightful, and hell yeah.”

But I use it as a noun. A cool bean is corporeal, or at least tangible: A little nugget of awesomeness. Someone or something above normal levels of awesomeness and worthy of proclaiming so, preferably at top volume. As in: “Oh, cool beans!”

(It’s also the hand-done tattoo my brother gave me the day I graduated from college, now a personal logo.)


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