Band to Watch: The Preatures

I thought I was ahead of the curve when I stumbled upon this Australian 5-piece band the other day. With hand claps and coed back-and-forth sing songs, they’re spot on the nostalgic ’80s radio sound that’s become popular lately. (Ok, let’s just get it out of the way—they sound a lot like Haim, who borrowed a lot of Fleetwood Mac. We over that? Cool.) But, alas, Pitchfork caught on to them about two weeks ago, which means I’m woefully behind. Whatever; back to the music.

Attention is being paid currently for the shiny new single, “Is This How You Feel?” (of the same-name, just-released EP) which is the definition of groovy. Lots of bops and more hand claps and repetitive, car-singalong  lyrics. It really does sound like something pulled from the end credits of, say, Never Been Kissed. And definitely not in a bad way.

But the Sydney-based band has a lot more going on than reductive comparisons to bygone coed bands or girl-group contemporaries. Their first EP, Shaking Hands, has a shadowed moodiness that’s palpable even on the first listen, and deepens after multiple runs—note that tonal belly-drop singer Isabella murmurs on the choral pause in “Pale Rider,” the menacing chords punctuating behind the chorus in “Threat”, the Iggy Pop waver to male vocalist Gideon’s opener in “Take A Car.” A little bit country, a little bit soulful funk. A lot of new rock goodness.

Take a listen to a perfect mix of their old and new songs on Soundcloud—perfect late summer listening. And cross your fingers they’ll make it out of Oz for a tour some day.


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