Dangerously Good Hardwear


I found these bracelets in a bar.

Specifically, on the arm of my bartender, Lindsey, at Skinny Dennis in Williamsburg (the ‘hoods best—and only—honky tonk bar).

While having a few beers with a friend, I noticed Lindsey’s seriously cool bracelets made of screws and shackles not unlike the gold ones I had just been eyeing at Bird down the street. But the ones dangling from the wrist handing me a Shiner Bock were way, way cooler—where Bird’s are solid gold and pretty and shiny, which is nice, Lindsey’s were badass, made from hardware store goods but in a way that I could never hope to DIY. Looking up, I noticed her necklace was a bib of black iron washers. I needed to know where they came from.

I asked, and I received.

“I make them!” was the delighted answer. Under the moniker White Goods Design, Lindsey crafts her unique, steampunk-meets-western pieces from a studio not far from her day job in Williamsburg. Railroad ties and gold spikes dangle from thread and chains, gold and silver nail heads wrap around wrists to form contrasting-metal cuffs, and thin nails welded to washers dangle quite prettily as earrings.

No online shopping is available at the moment, but you can email her at info@whitegoodsdesign.com for prices. Way cooler than the same gold bangle as half of Brooklyn, no? I’ll certainly be picking up a few.

These were my favorites—see her site for the full lookbook of necklaces, earrings, and bracelets



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