Watch: Easter Island’s “You Don’t Have A Choice”


I’ve been a fan of Easter Island for awhile and was very pleased to find their new, beautifully shot music video for “You Don’t Have A Choice” in my inbox late last night.

It’s a finger-pointing of sorts at the discomfiture that arises in relationships, both on the surface and under. Love is not black and white, as they say; as if to flip that notion on it’s head, the video shows a couple that is exactly that, silently judged by a room full of onlookers. Soft lighting, hard looks; white light, white tablecloths, white sheets, white people, and the obvious implication that that white-washing is far from acceptable. It’s raw and personal, and definitely gives you reason to pause.

Singer Ethan Payne told Paste,

“The song raises a lot of questions about sex and intimacy in relationships in a broad sense, and maybe answers some while not answering others. We knew we wanted to somehow communicate that confusion and thought process through the video.”

Indeed. Very well done, guys.

Even better: The band is on tour soon—check Bandcamp for dates, and get excited.


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