Maybelline Just Kicked All Other Lipsticks’ Asses

A sentence I never thought I would say, but it’s true. My trusty M.A.C., my go-to Nars, both are relegated to the bottom of the purse—the coveted outside-pocket spot has been taken over by a $8 Maybelline, in all its ruby plastic -encased glory.

I never would have purchased this, mostly because I’m a creature of habit and a subscriber to “if it ain’t broke…” and not because I don’t like Maybelline. But a swag bag at talk at FIAF came with a bright pink little tube of the brands new ColorSensation Vivids line, aptly named Vivid Rose, in the exact shade I had been planning on purchasing from M.A.C. in a few days. Luck! But would it last?

maybelline vivids color sensation

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! I applied my new shade in the AM, pre- subway to work, expecting it to be half-there by the time I finished my morning oatmeal and coffee. Checking in after both—miracles! It was still there! and not just in the center, but all over. Spoon survivor, paper-cup-residue resistor. Very impressive.

Frequent bathroom breaks revealed staying power over water bottle and straws, just as bright as ever and, even more importantly, still moist. No spoltchiness where color is weirdly condensed in flakes.

But the most impressive? I had an apple at lunch—the bite-into kind, not the pre-sliced kind—and expected my lips to be completely color-free, as apple knawing will do.


Have you ever eaten an apple and retained lipstick? I have not. Stains, maybe. But not a lipstick. This is very big, guys. In a whole days use of lips, I only reapplied once, to touch up the edges before happy hour. A lipstick that keeps your pucker pink (or plum, or red) after all manner of meals is worth purchasing in every color and hoarding like your life depends on it. Especially when it’s only $8.

Sorry, trusty other guys. You just got schooled.

Above colors, from left: Hot Plum, Fuschia Flash, Vibant Mandarin, On Fire.
Roughly $8 at drugstores and online.


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