A Very Condensed ‘Who To See at CMJ’ List

Who you should be seeing at the week-long NYC conglomeration of up-and-coming acts, new stars, and established favs.

1. Shakey Graves
I literally just discovered this both musically and physically devastating Texan, who apparently was on Friday Nights Lights (sorry, I missed that boat) but more importantly can do some banjo fingerwork that will make you weak at the knees. Plus, that growl! I’m in love. True southern blues rock, esp. given how everye new act tends to sound like Mumford & Sons these days.
Thurs 10/18, 5pm @ Rebel

2. Skaters
Back in March, I told everyone to listen to this band, because they are excellent and super chill and just all-around rad guys. Whether or not anyone listend, I do not know, so I’m saying it again: SKATERS ARE AWESOME, GUYS. ’60s and ’70s inspired harmonic garage punk. I will be jammin’ out with them tonight at Shea Stadium, and you should be too.
Tues 10/16, 9:45pm @ Shea Stadium; Weds 10/17, 9pm @ Santos Party House and 11pm @ Bowery Ballroom

3. Savages
These. girls. kick. ass. Female post-punk at its finest, and one of London’s best new acts. Many comparisons to Siouxsie, Shirley Manson, et al; need I say more?
Weds 10/17, 8pm @ Glasslands and Sat 10/20, 12pm @ Pianos

4. Matthew E. White
Gospel meets soft-spoken indie instrumentals. Beautiful voice, operatic arrangements, just all around gorgeous music. Plus, he’s friends with Justin Vernon (Bon Iver; also sounds vaguely like him) and John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats, who has impeccable taste.
Weds 10/17, 10pm @ Union Pool

5. Icona Pop
“I don’t care, I love it.”
Weds 10/17, 8pm @ Glasslands; Thurs 10/1/8 @ Santos Party House; Fri 10/19 @ Brooklyn Bowl

6. The Denzels
Shameless friend plug, but whatever; as I’ve said before, this band rules. Surf rock meets The Smiths. Hellloooo.
Weds 10/17 @ Webster Hall; Thurs 10/18 @ Legion bar; Fri 10/19 @ Rock Bottom; Sat 10/20 @ Knitting Factory


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