Easter Island Will Give You the Dream-Pop Goosebumps

Athens, GA is a hotbed of unique, music-for-music’s sake talent. Not only did it breed Reptar, one of the best eclectic indie dance rock bands around right now, but it’s also home to Easter Island, a dream pop quintet whose new album Frightened draws serious ‘this is beautiful’ goosebumps.

At first listen, you think “Bon Iver knock-off?”–it’s hard to do a haunting high-pitched vocal these days and not draw that comparison. But once you dive into Frightened’s instrumental depths, you hear the post-rock influence and definite energy that immediately severs similarities to the recent Grammy winner (in an improved, won’t make you fall asleep way). Check out their (arguably) best track, “Independence,” below; with lyrics like “it’s only a kingdom/ it’s only an ounce of the best whiskey you can buy” to match the soaring sonambulance, you’ll be hooked into the best kind of deep-listening silence.

the basic nugget: Bon Iver, but easier to understand and with energy.


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