Anna Wintour + Stephen Colbert = Comedic Gold

Last night, Anna Wintour went on The Colbert Report to talk about the Costume Institute exhibit Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations, which opened today. The combo of Colbert’s ignorance-humor and Wintour being such a sassy little vixen is pure comedic gold. Of course, I can’t embed the video (Hulu and Colbert Nation don’t allow it, womp, so see it for yourself here), but here are some of the gems that came from their witty banter.

AW: “Don’t you think you could take a little more risks in what you wear?”

SC: “You’re in the fashion world. Ok. Are there gay people in fashion?”

SC: “Well, I don’t really trust Prada. Because my understanding is the Devil wears Prada, and this is a Christian nation, madam!”
AW: “Oh, that movie was so last year.


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