Summer Brights

It’s almost summer (though it doesn’t feel like it in NYC right now), so I had to break out my favorite warm weather polish: Orly’s robin’s egg blue ‘Gumdrop.’ Unfortunately for you all, it’s 2 years old and no longer on sale, but China Glaze makes a pretty similar one called ‘Audrey’ (get it here).

I’m really into tropical, palm tree patterned things right now, so using a thin brush hot pink polish I painted little trees on my thumbs (tutorial below) and accented with French tips. And, because leopard is an all day every day look for me, a spotted party nail.

But as for what I’m holding… it’s a new eau de toilette from The Body Shop that converted me to summery scents. White Musk Sun Glow isn’t exactly the coolest name ever, and I’m not really into fruity-floral perfumes, but this one smells so delicious: peony, peach, and lemon add just a hint each of citrus and flowers without being too girly or overpoweringly sweet. I might just have to swap out my standard Thierry Mugler Angel come warm weather.

Sun Glow has two sisters fragrances as well, Sun Kiss and Sun Fresh, which I also recommend. And at only $25 each, they’re just the right price for a seasonal scent.

Palm Tree Tutorial
1. Draw an elongated teardrop, starting at the base and thinning upwards.
2. For the leaves, feather your strokes outwards from the top of the trunk. It doesn’t have to be precise–tiny jagged swipes work fine.
3. Finish by swiping a thin black brush around the base for “sand” and with a droplet in the corner for your sun.


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