Rub One Out

I’ve wanted to put colored streaks in my hair since The O.C. season 2, when Marisa Cooper dated Alex (Olivia Wilde!), the bad ass bar manager with bleach blonde hair run through with a bright purple streak.

Last summer, dip-dyed pastel hair started popping up everywhere, and though I admired from afar I was too chicken to mess up my natural strawberry blonde with something possibly staining. So when NYLON asked me to test out a temporary neon hair powder promising to wash out in one shampoo, I immediately said yes.

Hair Flairs’ Color Rub is an eyeshadow-looking tub that rubs onto locks easily, fades gradually, and washes out with one shampoo). Within 5 minutes I had purple-y fuschia lowlights (the red in my hair made it a little pinker than advertised). Sealed with leave-in conditioner, it’s lasted pretty well; it faded a bit yesterday, so I re-applied before bed, braided my hair, and woke up with fresh color intact and no pillow staining. 18 hours after first brush, I’m still plummy.

At only $13 a pop and with enough powder to last at least three applications, it a cheap way to try candy-colored strands without salon permanence. Perfect for a night out, a concert, or to ease yourself into a real dye job.

And with 10 bright shades to choose from, it’ll complement pretty much any skin tone or hair color. I’m sold. Next step: the real thing?


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