Jack White Is The Rock God of Our Time

It’s a bold statement, but I stand by it: Jack White is, frankly, one of the most talented musicians of his generation, and certainly of modern day rock. His guitar skills are legendary, his instruments unadulterated, and his music a much-needed return to the hard playing, unelectronic, soulful rock that first defined the genre.

We’ve waited through The White Stripes, The Raconteurs, and The Dead Weather for a White solo album, and, as of one week from today, that wait will be over.

Blunderbuss, White’s first full-length solo endeavor, drops on April 24th, but because the world just can’t wait any longer, iTunes is streaming it for free right now.

The singles “Love Interruption” and “Sixteen Saltines,” which dropped in January and early April, respectively, gave us a taste of White’s ardent blues rock. The album follows suit, with homages to the Nashville sound White so loves skewed with his grunge/punk tendencies for a distinct sound of good old rock ‘n’ roll.

I’m getting antsy just listening to the album–I recently bought tickets to Firefly music festival this summer, where White is headlining with The Black Keys. The prospect of hearing this phenomenal music live is just too much.


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