Fleury Rose Does The Best Nail Art in NYC

Remember those Lisa Frank nails I did awhile back? Meet the girl behind the tutorial, Fleury Rose, and the summer-tastic, Malibu Barbie-at-a-rave nails she did for me this weekend.

I was lucky enough to sit down with Fleury at Tomahawk Salon (maybe the coolest space in the city. It doubles as a vintage store, and shares the Bushwick building with a coffeeshop, gallery, art studios, and vintage boutiques), where she gives manicures on the weekends, for a little piece on another site coming out soon. She’s lovely and a lot of fun–we shared tales of vintage shopping and getting in fights with bottles of nail glue–and her designs are unlike anyone else’s I’ve seen not just in New York (good luck finding a salon to do custom gel tie-dye patterns or paint a Batman symbol on your pinkie) but on most nail blogs.
I told her I loved neon, glitter, and leopard print, and she went to town. The result: Amazing! I’m obsessed.

If you’re looking for a unique mani in the city, she’s your girl. And if you’re not in NYC, check out her Tumblr for DIY tutorials.

Side note: Tomahawk is the coolest salon


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