Kurt Cobain by Jesse Frohman

You could make hundreds of Pinterest boards with nothing but Kurt Cobain photos alone. But, until now, not these, shot by Jesse Frohman for London Observer Magazine in 1993 and now on display at the Morrison Hotel Gallery in Soho.

The shoot took place just five months before Cobain’s death, and they’re some of the last ever taken of him. In characteristic Cobain fucked-up-ness, he arrived at the shoot three hours late, in a leopard coat with red painted nails and white sunglasses that he refused to take off; that anecdote alone is enough to display the mental decline the Nirvana frontman experienced in his last few months of life.

Depression and general personal abuse aside, Cobain was a captivating photographic subject, and Frohman’s images beautifully reveal a man in deep conflict with himself and the world around him. Cigarette in hand, he poses with bandmates and alone, never shedding the glasses to let us in.

The exhibition goes until April 29th, but you can click through to the gallery too see most of the photos right now. Sad, but gorgeous, aren’t they?


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