Pop Bang F*** You

So I’m a bad blogger and only took a picture of my left hand and the right was different, so I apologize. But how sick is this manicure?? May be one of my favorites to date. Inspired by punk, pop art, and comics, it originally said “Pow” and “Bam” on the middle fingers but then I got sassy and changed it to… well, you see.

On the right hand, I had a silver diamond drawn on a yellow background on my index finger, and moved the slime to my pinkie. The middle finger (as you could probably guess) said “you”.

Probably going to do something in this style again pretty soon, but with different images. Maybe something Andy Warhol inspired. I got a lot of compliments on it, and the color scheme was so fun to look at.
Click through for a how-to!

To Do:

Do a solid, two-coat red base. Draw an eye shape in black in the center, touching the left and right edges. Then, using a fine-tip white, draw your teeth. The little ones are essentially dots, rounded and just slightly more oval. Make sure you leave space under the longer fangs for the tiny teeth n the opposite row–I would do your little ones first just to be safe. Also, they don’t need to touch in between–I found they looked cooler when they didn’t.

Start with a two-coat red base. For the pointed oval, do your black first. Make it larger to accommodate for the white edge and ensure the center will fit whatever word you want to write. Write the word in fine-tip white, and, when it dries, draw your outline.

I’ve already shown you how to do drips, leopard, and black and white stripes. Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture for the diamond… guess I’ll have to repeat it for you all!


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