Those Legs Cray

While searching for nothing I actually need to buy on Etsy the other day, I discovered the craziest legging ever constructed of spandex.

The aptly-named QooQoo Fashion makes hand-dyed, totally original leggings with moisture-wicking fabric (no more butt sweat, and maybe you can take them to the gym and blind the girl next to you on the treadmill) and the crayziest prints ever. There’s neon gradients with bear heads on the kneecaps, futuristic Fair Isle styles, a “garden on Venus” (whatever that means), and even a print made up of doggie photos sent to the designer by her Twitter fans.

They are ridic, but they’re not unwearable. A solid color tunic or tee would go easily over any of these. And, since they’re obviously statement items, you don’t have to feel bad about wearing leggings in public.

They’re a little out of my price range–$60 is more than I’m willing to spend on Spandex–but god damn, are they amazing. Etsy sellers never fail to amaze me.


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