Nail Rock ‘n Roll

These nails were partially inspired by a design by Beyoncé’s manicurist, and paritally because I had these gold foil nail decals that I wanted to use, though now that I look at them I think they look like something Judy Jetson might wear.

The foil wraps are by Nail Rock (available in the US at Urban Outfitters), and as badly as I wanted to use them I didn’t think a whole foil manicure would look that great. I’d been dying to use my new China Glaze For Audrey polish too (a TIffany blue shade), so I just decided to throw them together and see what happened.

The Nail Rock wrap was a bit tricky to apply–it wrinkled really easily and didn’t go on as smooth as I would have liked–but was easier to mange when I trimmed it with nail scissors before filing off the excess edges. I saved the extra from each index finger (they’re pretty long, and my nails are short) to use on the pinky, which I just placed on a diagonal (after two coats of the China Glaze) and then trimmed the edges.

The gold glitter polish on my thumb and middle finger is, also from China Glaze, called Treasure Chest.

It looks complicated, but is actually fairly simple when you look at it.

Wonder what Beyoncé’s manicurist would say?


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