The Ultimate Party Nail

Party Nail: a single nail decorated with sparkles, glitter, rhinestones, metallic, or an otherwise contrasting color than the other 4 nails on a hand.

I’m a big fan of the party nail. If you’ve had a manicure for a few days and want to switch it up, there’s no easier way than a swipe of glitter polish across a lone finger. I usually stick with the ring finger, as I did here. This was your basic black manicure (Wet n’ Wild, classic), until I decided to break out the rhinestones.

Rhinestones require nail glue, which is a formidable enemy. It dries in seconds and can rip off your skin if you aren’t careful. I’ve mastered it by never squeezing, only dabbing and smearing it into a very thin coat on my nail and quickly applying the gems. It helps to lay out your rhinestones beforehand, silver side down, so you can pick them up easily with the touch of a finger to place quickly on the wet glue. Something else I learned this time around: when you cover your whole nail in gems, they stay on easier. Less edges to snag on things. A few scattered ones catch on things easier and are lost within hours or a day–these babies stayed on 4 full days. I only lost 5 between two fingers.

The white-rimmed thumb was an afterthought, and while I like it I wish I’d stuck with the plain black.


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