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In. Love. With these shoes.

They’re Libertine for Aldo, and, as per my Americana obsession, I’m pining for them.

I have terrible habit of frivolously dropping a hundred plus dollars on shoes at Aldo, because I rationalize that they’re going to last me and they’re “investments” and also because I really want them so it’s easy to talk myself into, and I have a feeling these will be my next gift to myself. Especially because I made the mistake of trying them on. Paired with slouchy cuffed jeans and a white tee? Perfection.

$155 in stores and online.


While searching for nothing I actually need to buy on Etsy the other day, I discovered the craziest legging ever constructed of spandex.

The aptly-named QooQoo Fashion makes hand-dyed, totally original leggings with moisture-wicking fabric (no more butt sweat, and maybe you can take them to the gym and blind the girl next to you on the treadmill) and the crayziest prints ever. There’s neon gradients with bear heads on the kneecaps, futuristic Fair Isle styles, a “garden on Venus” (whatever that means), and even a print made up of doggie photos sent to the designer by her Twitter fans.

They are ridic, but they’re not unwearable. A solid color tunic or tee would go easily over any of these. And, since they’re obviously statement items, you don’t have to feel bad about wearing leggings in public.

They’re a little out of my price range–$60 is more than I’m willing to spend on Spandex–but god damn, are they amazing. Etsy sellers never fail to amaze me.

Always back to the leopard. What can I say, it’s my staple.

This was an accident–I had solid yellow nails (what most would call bold), and my friend remarked that my nails looked a little boring, for me. Challenge! So I threw on some hot pink and turquoise spots to jazz it up. They look a little like Nerds candy, right?

yellow: Ciaté Big Yellow Taxi (yellow)
Hot Pink and Turquoise: Art Club
black detail brush: Milani

The electronic art pop of Scandinavian art pop band Miike Snow is all kinds of infectious–the dance club beats, echoing synth melodies, and sing-along lyrics make Euro electronica radio friendly but not “pop”–and, since their 2010 debut, have shown up on pretty much every DJ’s set.

Despite their insistence that their songs are more a result of knob-fiddling and messing around with tunes until something clicks than real planning, this isn’t synthesized emotion or accidental success. All three band members are ace producers–they’ve remixed tracks for everyone from Passion Pit to Peter, Bjorn and John–and definitely know their way around a soundboard.

For their second album, Happy To You, which came out today, they put that knowledge to good use, producing a more orchestral sound than before. You can hear pianos, string instruments, and snare drum rolls in between the fabricated beats–the track “Bavarian #1 (Say You Will)” perfectly encapsulates the new direction, with a drumline back beat, emotional, learn-after-one-listen lyrics, and a coursing, soaring, totally danceable melody. They stepped out of the steady bass box on multiple tracks, too, either slowing things down to an almost low-fi level on “Black Tin Box” (which features vocals from fellow Swede Lykke Li), or amping them up to disco levels on “Paddling Out” (So. Good. Perhaps this album’s “Animal?”).

It shows a lot of growth as a band; they’re pushing their talents, seeing where skills with a synthesizer can take them other than the club dance floor. It’s not too dancey for a listen at work or on the subway home, but they abandon their roots either; you could easily run through the entire album on a party playlist. Personally, I’ll be listening to this one on repeat for the next few weeks for sure. Sorry roommates, in advance.

Stream the whole album here.

These nails were partially inspired by a design by Beyoncé’s manicurist, and paritally because I had these gold foil nail decals that I wanted to use, though now that I look at them I think they look like something Judy Jetson might wear.

The foil wraps are by Nail Rock (available in the US at Urban Outfitters), and as badly as I wanted to use them I didn’t think a whole foil manicure would look that great. I’d been dying to use my new China Glaze For Audrey polish too (a TIffany blue shade), so I just decided to throw them together and see what happened.

The Nail Rock wrap was a bit tricky to apply–it wrinkled really easily and didn’t go on as smooth as I would have liked–but was easier to mange when I trimmed it with nail scissors before filing off the excess edges. I saved the extra from each index finger (they’re pretty long, and my nails are short) to use on the pinky, which I just placed on a diagonal (after two coats of the China Glaze) and then trimmed the edges.

The gold glitter polish on my thumb and middle finger is, also from China Glaze, called Treasure Chest.

It looks complicated, but is actually fairly simple when you look at it.

Wonder what Beyoncé’s manicurist would say?

Rye Rye’s just released her latest single, “Boom Boom”, and it’s accompanying video from her debut album, Go! Pop! Bang!, dropping May 15th, and it. is. sick.

The song is one big throwback: it samples the Venga Boys song that you know you had in your AIM profile or danced to at sleepovers in middle school, and the video pays homage to every ’90s video game ever, including a Mortal Kombat-style dance-off. It’s ridiculous, but in the best way.

Plus, Rye Rye has great style. Living in the Bronx these past 4 years gave me a serious appreciation for Fly Girl/B-Boy style, which the young rapper has to the nth degree: candy-colored high tops, neon crop tops and short shorts, and tons of gold bling. It’s nice to see someone with style who doesn’t take it too over-the-top (relatively).



Oil spills: bad for the enviornment, great for an artist’s palette. Ever notice how shimmery gas station concrete is?

That unnatural sheen of shifting greens, blues, golds, and purples is an odd, but apparently powerful, source of inspiration. Oil slicks showed up on several Fall 2012 runways: See the iridescent-sleeved coats and shiny dresses at Prabal Gurung, wavy metallic fabrics at Christopher Kane, pops of slick black leather at Alex Wang, and perhaps most extreme, the chemically colored velvet at Gucci.

And where the clothes go, the nail polish follows. A new Sephora collaboration with Ciaté, the brand by UK nail artist Charlotte Knight, comes to the beauty megastore this month with a handful of bright and shiny hues, including the shade-shifting, greenish-gold Oil Slick. The pearlescent, fuel-toned polish is vaguely reminiscent of last year’s Chanel favorite, Peridot, but with slightly more gold and touches of blue – think less peacock, more fast and furious.

I was lucky enough to hear of this from work, but no fear: The shade debuts this month in American Sephora stores and online (you can already buy it in the UK), and I can’t wait to get my hands on it (or it on our hands?).

Gucci; Christopher Kane

Prabal Gurung

Alexander Wang