Polar Wear: Ostwald Helgason Fall 2012

Work has been crazy with New York Fashion Week so I haven’t posted anything, but I can’t not write about this brand that blew me away yet I somehow did not know about until Saturday. Meet Ostwald Helgason, a London-based label by Suzanne Ostwald and Ingvar Helgason that favors architectural silhouettes and interesting, offbeat prints.

Despite being young and unknown, their presentation at Milk Studios this Saturday was one of the best I’ve seen from NYFW thus far.

The collection was inspired by the 19th century race to the Antarctic between Britain and Norway. A stripe pattern the color of an Atlantic Ocean sunset– goldenrod, burnt orange, forest green, navy, mahogany (colors present in more than one show; expect earth tones this autumn)– anchors the collection, appearing on circle skirts, trousers, and wool jackets. The nautical theme is subtle yet interesting: sweatshirts printed with giant octopi wrapped around sinking ships, waffle knit seaman’s sweaters, a glittery shell the color of a gold coin.

Also pretty: several sheer tops, including a black button-down tunic with lace dripping from the shoulders, and the platform suede booties in red, beige, and a black leather hybrid.

I want it all now. And judging by the reaction in the showroom, I wasn’t the only one.

Mark my words, these two are going places.


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