Monthly Archives: February 2012

Think the opening female vocal of this Smiler track sounds familiar? It is: that’s good ol’ gangsta collagen kitten Lana Del Rey!

Though ‘Big Spender’ was recorded way back in 2010, it hasn’t reached too many ears (much like Lana Del Rey’s original foray into music). It should start to make the rounds now though, as the UK rapper released it on his album All I Know, out yesterday.

Kinda reminds me of the way Lady Gaga got her start by laying vocals with Wale for ‘Chillin’ back in 2008. And I kind of like ‘Big Spender’–perhaps LDR should stick to singing back-up.


Daenerys Targaryen is coming for you with her dragon babies. What a boss female character.

Game of Thrones is so amazing. Halfway through the 2nd book now, which means I understand half of this trailer and am thus triply excited.

If you’re not watching/ reading this yet… what’s wrong with you?

Don’t these remind you of something TLC would have worn? Or an ’80s Bronx fly girl? So sick.

To Do
Paint 3/4 of a nail with your purple base. Two coats. Then top with yellow, French manicure style. The line between the two doesn’t have to be even, as I did each dividing red line differently. The thumb and pinkie are zebra striped, while the index is oval and the middle triangular.

The leopard spots of the yellow and the ring finger are business as usual. Refer here for a tutorial.

How insane would these be if I could get some of those little chains to put in place of the red next time? Project in waiting.

This may be the best looking foursome I’ve ever seen.

Blumarine opened their spring 2012 show with 6 Mongolian fur toppers in spectacular neon. They remind me of something Lis Frank would wear, or maybe a Bratz doll, and I’m utterly in love.

I like clothes that are slightly ridiculous, and just shy of tacky. So, the metallic and holographic suit sets, leather jackets, and club kid neon separates are all I’ve ever wanted to see on a runway. I cannot wait to see these reinterpreted by Zara or TopShop. And the shoes! So Jeremy Scott.

Plus, it livened up the spring shows, which have been a little dark.

Got a bunch of new polishes from work and was so stoked about these two shades from Color Club, Fly With Me (green) and Metamorphosis (blue). This was butterfly inspired, as the names imply, but I’m really excited to try out a peacock one.

Beirut released their video for “Vagabond” today, and it has all the quirkiness we’ve come to expect from them. ’60s-garbed sailors and nurses dance and drink themselves silly in an auditorium, with faux-mances and gastronomic pyrotechnics and a chicken to make it all a little weird.

It’s entertaining all the way through, one of those videos that tells a story so you don’t get bored and stop watching halfway.

Now to only score a ticket for one of their concerts…