Foxy Lady

I’m not much of a Cali girl, but damn if Wildfox Couture doesn’t get me every season. Their carefree, Laurel Canyon brand of Americana is bewitching. Their louche yet delicate whimsy is magical, and I love following their blog to see how they dream it up.

This spring, their White Label and first-ever jewelry collection blew me away.

White Label’s theme is childhood fantasy–particularly My Little Pony– and channels both the enviable pastel hair and dreaminess of those 80s cartoons as well as the idea that, as grown ups, we can do all we imagined as kids. Childhood lost, but never forgotten.

It’s a little romanticized, but that’s the essence of Wildfox and why their clothes continue to impress me; sort of like a beachy-er Rodarte sisters, with their grand narratives and American landscape influences.

White Label certainly draws the parallel to dark horse Rodarte with the witchy knit dresses and bell-sleeved crochet sweaters are darkly adorned with crosses and guns. The whimsy remains, though, with horse and eagle logos, floral dresses, and barely-there white cotton pieces. Of course, my personal favorite are the American flag printed sweaters, already on my wish list. And the pastel hair. Fantastic if you can pull it off.

The jewelry line is similarly themed, deers and cow skulls dangling from delicate gold chains, with a tongue-in-cheek Foxy nameplate thrown in for good measure. I want ALL OF IT. Bank account in jeopardy.

I wish I lived in a climate where I could actually dress like the fit models but… well, I’d never survive as a West Coast transplant. Give me high strung over perpetual balminess any day.

All photos via Wildfox

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  1. H M F said:

    Loving the outfit combinations! x

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