All Ears On: The Denzels

Even though finding unique new band in Brooklyn is like looking for a needle in a haystack, we’ve found one that’s worth a listen.

Meet Bushwick surf rock band The Denzels, who just released their first EP, Easy Tiger. Their mellowed-out garage rock isn’t as poppy as The Drums nor is it as low-fi as Beach House, but rather hangs gently in the middle. It’s a tricky balance, especially considering how many other bands are currently riding the surf rock wave, yet The Denzels manage to strike it well by contrasting the sunny melodies with darker, self-depricating lyrics.

They frame the life of a floundering 20-something, telling of alcohol-induced mistakes and nights when it all went a little too far; “Black Girls” speaks to the dangers of blacking out (Don’t want to take it slow/ I’m gonna go for broke), while “Rae Rae” chronicles the “oh crap, no I didn’t” mentality of accidentally hooking up with a friend and not wanting a repeat performance (Let’s pretend like this never happened/ I like you/ I want to keep it that way).

The beachy tunes keep it from falling into depressiveness though, and a run-through of the EP makes one think of a lovechild between The Smiths and The Strokes, borne from a night sleeping on the beach.

Though currently unsigned, these guys are definitely going places beyond the Brooklyn concert venue circuit. They had a stint at New York’s CMJ festival last year, and I can say from experience that they give a fantastic live performance (truth: I’m writing this with exhaustion from their EP release concert at the Glasslands Gallery last night, which was insanely fun and totally worth the sleepless workday).

Download the first two tracks from Easy Tiger on their Bandcamp page while you still can; these guys won’t stay under the radar for long.

**Update: Their EP is now available for download on Facebook.

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