Lisa Frank Rainbow Leopard

The Inspiration

Like any proper 90’s girl, I worshipped Lisa Frank. And still kinda do; the designs never really get old, and I may have recieved a Lisa Frank sweatshirt for Christmas this year.

As many know, I’m also really into leopard print–to me, it’s a neutral– and I have a sneaking suspicion the obsession began with Rainbow Leopard. Trying to replicate leopard print on my fingertips was how I developed an affinity for nail art in the first place, and I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to try my hand at Rainbow Leopard’s spots.

It was easier than I thought, though messy.

1. Do a base coat of a semi-sheer white to give the colors something to grab to and make it a bit thicker.
2. I used a cotton ball (all I had on hand–next time, I’ll locate a makeup sponge) to dab three colored stripes across my nails, working from base to tip.
3. Draw on the spots! They’re essentially just lumpy half circles. Perfection is not what you’re looking for.

4. As always, finish with a solid top coat.

During the sponge painting, I did get polish all over my skin. But that’s easily fixed by some Q-tips and remover.

Next time, I might add a layer of sheer glitter on top. Lisa would have.


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